Gospel Choir’s ‘This Little Light Of Mine’ Audition Is AMAZING??


In the second week of Britain’s Got Talent 2016, 100 Voices of Gospel came out to work towards winning. When Simon began to question the leader of the choir before their performance, it was clear he was not overly enthused with a choir performance and was fairly certain they would not meet his standards. When the lead singer starts singing in this video performance, Simon and the rest of the judges are completely blown away!

As you watch this video, the performance begins to unfold in a magical way. Singing, This Little Light of Mine, the choir begins to unleash a holy jamming rendition of the old-time favorite. If you are expecting a boring choir performance, you may be quite surprised when you see this choir begin to rock it out right in front of the world. This is a choir performance that will blow your mind and have you wanting to watch it again and again! Check out this amazing video audition and then Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy!

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